19 year old artist.

Oil painting, Costumes, Belly Dance

So I’m back from Hama-con! I can easily say it was the best con experience I’ve ever had! The con itself wasn’t big and fancy, but I got to be with all of my amazing Alabamastuck friends, and I got to debut my most well-sewn cosplay yet! My jade dog Tier (as seen in the first two pictures). It’s hard to see, but they’re actually incredibly sparkly, and like always, I drafted all of my patterns from scratch and made everything from scratch. The ears are necomimi ears, so they move. It was so much fun wearing it! Oh! And I covered the shoes completely in sequins

The two panels I was in were COMPLETE successes. The Ask-A-Homestuck was very well organized and everyone did great! And the monologue panel (the third photo is a shot from my tea-party-monologue) was the best homestuck panel I’ve ever been in, or even seen! Even though it was unofficial, we spent MONTHS prepering, and everyone’s monlogue was fantastic! We even had skits at the end, some improv that went flawlessly, and a musical finale. I’m so proud to be in this wonderful group. Everyone had so much emotion, people even came up to us afterwards saying they were tearing up the whole time. I have to also thank the audience because they stayed the whole 2 hours, and were silent and respectful the whole time! We plan on getting together to redo our monologues for the sole purpose of re-filming so that everyone can enjoy the panel! I really want you guys to see it. We also have decided to start a group called Dream Bubble Theater and do more panels together in the future!

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